My work guides you to activate the deeper parts of yourself, while catapulting you into your highest potential. Through embodiment practices, somatics, and learning the language your body speaks you will expand into the infinite possibilities in all areas of your life.


Andee Love

"By learning the language of my feelings and sensations, I dropped out of my mind and into my body." - Andee Love

She gives you all the tools that she has, like literally a TON of tools, so you can show up in your flow and magic, giving your medicine to the world. Which is why we became healers, coaches, mentors, leaders in the first place, right? To share our light with the world.

"Andee teaches you how to be an embodied leader and create profound healing experiences."

- Alicia Lauren

Within months of hiring Andee, I went from never launching a group program to creating and selling out my high-ticket program + retreat. I continue to experience rocket-ship growth and wholeness with the AL team in my corner, so sign me up for all the things, and all the years, 

"Working with Andee and her team has changed my world and rocked my business."

- Brittany Barcellos

She held such a sacred, loving space for me, and mirrored for me what was possible. Her limitless belief in me and my mission, her unending encouragement, and her willingness to go first while reaching her hand back to help me step forward have changed the trajectory of my life. I am forever grateful!

"Andee saw in me things I hadn’t even seen in myself yet."

- Colleen Maier

It’s always deeply inspiring to be in her energy, and she provided next level support to me at a time in my life when I needed it most, and has continued that support even after our work together concluded. I’m so grateful for the work she does in the world and to have worked with her was truly life changing

"Working with Andee has been a true gift to my life and to my personal practices."

- Olivia Howard

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