over 60 training hours that will take you through a comprehensive framework that approaches trauma from a body-centered perspective. This unique certification is designed for coaches, healers and mentors who desire to explore & implement a BodyBased™ approach rooted in somatics. This program will dive into several somatic modalities & provide practical nervous system decoding tools to enhance your understanding of the language your body speaks. Inside we will explore the ways in which our nervous system plays a part in all areas of our life, including our business. 

a four pillar approach


SoulFlow™ Embodiment, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Parts Work, Emotional freedom Technique Polyvagal Theory 


Demonstrate an understanding & the applied knowledge of several somatic healing methods. 

Utilize body based tools to effectively for resourcing. 

Understand/use somatic techniques for co-regulation & self regulation 

Provide support to clients in developing a deeper connection with their body’s experiences, sensations, & expressions.

Assist clients in effectively addressing & processing unprocessed stress for improved well-being.

Understand & implement tools for rewiring & regulation in the nervous system. 

An awareness & understanding of our somatic parts

Facilitate a trauma-informed approach to mentorship and coaching.

Understand a bottom up approach.

Apply tools to increase the window of tolerance.

Founder of SoulFlow™.



Embodiment Master.

Retreat Curator.

Business Mentor.

Somatic Practitioner. 

Creative Designer.

Twin Mama.

Loving Friend.

Caring Sister.

Andee is leading innovators, creatives, & multi figure business owners to listen to the language that their bodies speak.

Paving the way for women everywhere to get still, tune into their body wisdom, and develop the ɘvolution of their brand.

She holds a Master’s of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and has over 22 years of experience in the industry of Embodiment and Somatics. Andee has brought into her work a heavy focus of her continued studies on transpersonal counseling psychology, somatic therapies, music theory, and
creative imagination.

For the last 7.5 years, Andee has witnessed a large gap in the industry as she has built out her robust and innovative coaching business,

We can teach or show people how to
make money. That is easy.

We can teach or show people how to 
secure clients. That is easy.

We can teach or show people how to
build a business. That is easy.

BUT can we teach or show people how to

  • Hold space and embody self-leadership 
  • Implement a trauma-informed approach that goes beyond just knowledge
  • Practice Mindfulness and actually use it as a mentor with a client
  • Guide BodyBased™ methods, techniques, and meditations that actually serve in impactful ways.
  • Lead and hold clients in BodyBased™ somatic practices

And a step further of one's own self development 

  • create a healthy vagal nerve tone
  • move through titration & pendulation
  • Establish healthy baselines in the  Flow Zone of your life and business

This last one though ...

  • Build a sustainable Somatic/Body Based Business (covering both systems, strategy, marketing and client experience) that lasts, feels good, and packs a punch. 

It is time we do things differently.
To be apart of the solution, not the problem.
Rooted. was born for those of us
who feel just that.

a mastermind
body based™ coaching certification
& a retreat