AUGUST 25 - 28, 2024  

A somatic summer camp experience at KRIPALU

4 day, 3 night immersive
embodiment experience with
Andee Love and SoulFlow™ Embodiment

  • Body Based ™, a multi modality somatic and embodiment methodology designed to get you out of your head and into your body.

  • Expert and world-renowned thought leaders in the industry of Somatics (my mentors!!) opening up the conversations around these body based modalities, their impact, and our sacred responsibility as practitioners, facilitators, and healers << If there was ever a room to sit in THIS IS IT!!

  • A fun, interactive, and nourishing program flow that will move, inspire, and support you to  listen & get into action

Set in the serene landscape of the Berkshires 
of western Massachusetts.

Located 2.5 hours north of New York City and west of Boston, Kripalu is the largest retreat center in North America sitting on more than 100 acres on the traditional, unceded Mohican territory of the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans.

It is one of the most sacred locations. 
It is the place where I found my voice. 
And it’s time to go home to discover more. 

AUGUST 25 - 28, 2024 

Arrival: Sunday, August 25 

Evening session 7-9pm 

Full day: Monday, August 26 

Full day: Tuesday, August 27 

Departure: Wednesday, August 28 
Morning session 9-11am  

You know the moment and scene in Parent Trap, at the camp where the sisters discover who they are … think that but 10X better!!

* An Andee Love Experience like NONE OTHER

* Community, Connection, and deep care

* A space to deepen your skills and own awareness of your bodies wisdom

* A nourishing venue to hold us 

* Seasonal and thoughtful Ayurveda meals 

* Amenities (sauna and spa!) 

* Kripalu’s Healing Arts treatments - (additional cost) including bodywork, energy work, facial treatments, and more.

* Kripalu Shop & Cafe - Curated with Compassion / a collection of products hand-selected to educate and inspire you and a Cafe (for those coffee lovers!)

*AL x SF Swag Bag

Kripalu is a very meaningful place.
Set on sacred land with potent energy and healing intentions dedicated to empowering people and communities to realize their full potential through transformative wisdom.

Once an Ashram in the early 1980s, it has since become a thriving and flourishing Retreat Center. From the core teachings of Swami Kripalu to the integration of ancient wisdom with contemporary thought, Kripalu has helped to drive the evolution of yoga in the West, and continues to inform its impact in the 21st century.

The first time I came here, I was just a student eager to make my business work. I was attending a week long event, SOLO. I packed my bags, hopped on a plane, flew across the country, and had my mother-in-law drive me to the door. 

I was terrified.
Once a girl with a story terrified to share what was on her heart. 

On arrival day, I happen to get there a lil too early and my room was not ready for me yet. Unacceptable for my nervous system, the anxiety immediately hit my throat. I decided instead of exploring the grounds or meeting the other new people who were also arriving that I would hide in the bathroom stall (with my luggage!!) and call my husband begging him to help me book a flight home. 

He didn't let me. 
Told me that I could do THIS. 
Reluctantly ... I stayed.

Finally, the evening session was upon us. 
I sat up in my room until the very moment that session was to start. In fact, I was actually a little late getting down to the meeting room because I just wanted to slide into the very back row and be near the closest exit in the case I needed to bolt.

As the event started, the speaker called out to the group asking ... "If anyone had a story to share?"

Something came over me and my hand SHOT STRAIGHT UP. A team member came running over to me with a MICROPHONE and asked ME TO STAND UP. 

I was told the very next morning, I would be taking the stage to share whatever was on my heart. 

I almost threw up in front of the whole room.

The next morning, first thing, I was called to the front of the group.

When I dropped into my body

I got quite & listened.


the innate wisdom within me &

my fullest self of all of my parts

to take the lead. 

It was one of the most profound moments of my life.

and it is such an honor to open this space to bring you to the place where I found my voice.

So you can find yours too.

Founder of SoulFlow™.



Embodiment Master.

Retreat Curator.

Business Mentor.

Somatic Practitioner. 

Creative Designer.

Twin Mama.

Loving Friend.

Caring Sister.

Andee Love is a highly trained
somatic practitioner, speaker and healer.

She is the founder of SoulFlow™ Embodiment, The Love Vibe Immersion Method™, and Rooted: a BODY BASED™ coaching certification combining a multi modality somatic
approach to the industry. 

Through her focus on experiential learning, coaching and body based practices she is leading women all over the world to curate sustainable success on their terms by listening to the language that their bodies speak.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and is known for her work as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner.

Andee has made it her mission to redefine how the coaching world is teaching the ways of nervous system regulation, success and
co-creation in business. 

Whether her clients are just getting started or have a well established business, she helps them clarify their values, define what success means to them and magnify their contribution
to the world.

Prioritizing impact over income, she and her husband/business partner, RJ, also participate in contribution projects across the globe.

Andee is a new mother to twin boys, Frankie and Virgil, and lives in sunny San Diego with her hubby and lil pup Neo.

SoulFlow™ is an embodiment practice based on the foundation of 4 phases following the 3 M's: Movement, Meditation, and Mantra.

Through sensation awareness, music theory, and somatic experiencing, SoulFlow™ is a practice where we can get out of our minds and 
into our bodies™. 

Activating our alpha and theta brain waves in an awake state while in movement, allows the body to rewire patterns it holds on to. 

This isn't just a practice to regulate your nervous system. It is a modality to tap in to a state only accessible during sleep or deep meditation that can transform your life. 

It is here where we can truly begin to cultivate long-term, sustainable success on our terms and with our definition. When we can drop into our bodies, get quite, listen, and 

Allow innate wisdom, your body's wisdom,  to take the lead. 

This is SoulFlow™ Embodiment.




One-Time Payment Of $1,777.00


6 Monthly Payments Of $316.00

  • Admission to the event AUGUST 25 - 28
  • Priority seating
  • All event activities 
  • Signature SoulFlow™ Experience
  • Curated AL X SF™ SWAG BAG
  • A virtual private member space to meet and greet the other participants and start our party early!! 
  • and a few extra goodies Andee will no doubt include as we get closer!! 

**Please note flights, accommodations, and meals are not included in your event ticket purchase. Your purchase is for admission to the event ONLY. 

Once your ticket is purchased, you will be provided a special discount link upon welcome email for accommodations and to book directly through the venue. There will be single and shared rooms available - price point variety depending on choice of room. 





There is something really powerful when a group of humans gather to move. The energy exchange does something to us on a cellular level that begins to create ripples in our lives.

This event is where

embodiment meets strategy.

Where tangibility of the creative process is 

curated by connection & community. 

Set in a "somatic summer camp" theme!! 

The experience we will have in this room applies to ALL industries, income goals, and the intention to meet you just where you are. 

All we ask is that you SHOW UP in the full essence of who you are really and why you are here. 

We will let the movement carry us from there.


You will need to arrive to Kripalu for checkin around 4:00pm EST.  If you happen to get to the facility earlier than that due to flight times, you may check your luggage into Kripalu's secure luggage room and kill some time in the lounge areas.

  • Rooms should be ready by 4:00pm.
  • The Kripalu Kitchen will open for dinner around 5:00pm.
  • Doors to the event will open for admission on Sunday, August 25th around 6:30pm.

We will have a full schedule for you as we get closer to the event. Each day, plan to be together from morning until 5 - 6 PM. 

If you have ever been on retreat with Andee Love, you know she is already planning to MAXIMIZE her time with you! If you have not yet, get excited!!

There will be a nice midday lunch break on both full days to give you time to grab some food from the Kripalu Kitchen and mini breaks built into our schedule! 

Andee will be taking us through a somatic experiencing journey. Along the intuitive way, we will experience a slew of camp style activities, hot seat coaching, community connection, and  SoulFlow™ Embodiment together.

Also, Andee will be guiding us into her signature somatic session, "Under the Tree", a deeply moving group collaborative experience. 


Well first, we invite you to celebrate your FULL BODY YES to purchasing a ticket. The magic is already in motion. Allow your body to mark this sensation coursing through you (joy, excitement, eagerness, tingling, whatever it may be!)

Next, keep an eye out for an email drip that will prepare you logistically! 

Come dressed comfortably and in clothing you can MOVE in. 

Stay tuned to Andee's Instagram for BTS until the event!

Come join us in our virtual private member space to start the party and stay the most up to date on all the event exclusives! 


Located on more than 100 beautiful acres in Stockbridge, Massachusetts (part of the Berkshires), Kripalu is the largest yoga retreat center in North America. Their peaceful campus is in the middle of the Yokun Ridge—close to the Berkshires' many recreational and cultural sites and just minutes from Tanglewood and downtown Lenox. 

57 Interlaken Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262

The best airport to fly into is Albany Airport or Bradley International (Hartford, CT/Springfield, MA)

GETTING TO KRIPALU ... Driving Times
(in hours)
Albany 1.25
Boston 2.5
Hartford 1.5
Montreal 5
New York City 3
Providence 2.5




> Admission to the event AUGUST 25 - 28
> Priority seating
> All event activities 
> Signature SoulFlow™ Experience
> A virtual private member space  to meet and greet the other participants and start our party early!! 
> and a few extra goodies Andee will no doubt include as we get closer!! 

**Please note flights, accommodations, and meals are not included in your event ticket purchase. Your purchase is for admission to the event ONLY. 

Please email 

should you have any further questions not listed here. When you purchased your ticket, you were automatically added to the event's email list. As we get closer to the experience, further correspondence will go out via email! 


We highly suggest that you stay on campus at Kripalu. Kripalu has a variety of room options from shared to private single rooms to meet every need and budget. 

Once your event ticket is purchased, within the next month, you will be provided a special discount link via email for our room block where you can book your room directly through venue. This link will provide the AL EVENT discount.

(**Price point for room & board will vary upon room type and will include all meals while on site)

​• Three daily all-natural meals from the Kripalu Kitchen.
• Access to more than 100 breathtaking acres of hiking trails, walking paths, a private lakefront area
• Indoor amenities, including our quiet lounge spaces, fitness room, sauna, and steam room. 

You may also chose to bunk with a friend and share a room to make the cost even more affordable. When booking you will need to provide the name (Body Based Camp with Andee Love) and the name of your preferred roommate.  





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