This mastermind is about high-level support, healing and embodied leadership.


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The New Paradigm

What I teach is different.

Through sacred space and witnessing all of you, I guide you deep into your truth through embodiment, alignment, clarity and process work.

I take you on a journey to understand your intuition on a deeper level and I work with the mind and the body connection creating a grounded, aligned nervous system.

This is not about affirming your way into your desires. It’s about creating the internal frequency that allows you to step into the frequency of what you are creating and cultivating that energy as your new norm.

I create a safe container with a small group of other women for you to grow and expand.

Topics covered include leadership, embodiment, somatic work, chakra healing, increasing your self-worth, intuitive marketing, confidence in selling, increasing your visibility by showing up in your truth, and alignment.


I was inspired to create this program because I believe it is time to shake up the way we define success. I see so many of my clients and students focusing on the hustle. Focusing on mindset, mindset, mindset...strategy, strategy, strategy and doing all the things...that they are missing the point of flow, ease, grace, intuition, and being in the energy of their highest truth.

And although mindset, strategy and taking action are needed to create a successful business, if you are not building on solid ground, in alignment, and in your truth, your results will not sustain.

I created this mastermind as a way to bring together powerhouse together who are ready to expand and commit to the inner work.

Who are ready to create a massive impact in the world.

Who are ready to be the next round of change makers.

This program is the BEST use of me! I give you my inside scoop on what it takes to co-create your bliss.

The program includes monthly 1:1 coaching, monthly group coaching, monthly kundalini activations, monthly marketing calls, photography, videography, various guest teachers, kick-off weekend, Exclusive and ALL INCLUSIVE Maui Retreat and the ultimate expansion!


Here’s What You Can Expect From Your Experience:

Embodiment Work

Clarity on your true gifting, which means increased confidence

Using your intuition to market, which means a wait list to work with you

 Radical expansion of your prices, which means more $$$

 A sisterhood and connection with other powerhouses, which means a community of like-minds that elevate your consciousness

 Living in your authentic truth, which means co-creating ANYTHING you desire

Mastermind Moments

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*Open to Past & New Clients to apply*

Highly-trained embodiment facilitator, speaker and healer.

She is the founder of the Love Vibe Facilitator Program and SoulFlow™ focusing on embodiment practices for deep connection to soul and developing sustainable success in life and business. She holds a Master’s of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and her work is heavily influenced somatic therapies. 


Creative Director, Program Coordinator, Retreat Planner & Event Curator

She is the CEO of Spiritually Coordinated, a creative consulting agency that collaborates with spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and facilitators to dream, plan, organize, and execute signature Sensory Experiences. We start in the vision and bring all that you desire to life. 


Certified Holistic Health Coach, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Digital Marketer, Retreat Facilitator and Client Success Coach.

Her skills in digital marketing has lead her to build a life of freedom with multiple streams of income based on my innate belief in worthiness, value and service. Her coaching is deeply rooted in Kundalini Yoga, Leadership Coaching, and a vision for creating our own personal Queendom.