A 3-Day
Embodiment Experience
in San Diego, CA


An ɘvolutionary experience of love.



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A 3-Day Embodiment Experience

2 day somatic journey of embodiment
& an ɘvolutionary experience of love.

A sacred experience to close it out.

A somatic journey.

A deep connection.

Integration in action 

DAY 01 & 02

DAY 03

Somatic Practice.

Deep Embodiment.






All parts.



Stacked Moments.


SoulFlow™ is an embodiment practice based on the foundation of 4 phases following the 3 M's: Movement, Meditation, and Mantra.

Through SoulFlow™, you can transcend trauma, release limitations, and embody your authentic self with confidence. When we can get out of our minds and into our bodies™, it is here where we begin cultivate long-term, sustainable success on our terms and with our definition. It is here where our movement begins to
lead a movement.

SoulFlow™ Embodiment was founded by Andee as a practice for herself in early 2009 while finishing her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling in Boulder, Colorado.

After 10 years of developing the practice, in June of 2019, at a retreat, she introduced it to an intimate small group of her clients and saw firsthand the power of moving together.

In August of that same year, she officially introduced this practice to the public in New York City to a group of 45 women. It was here the wave began to take shape.

Since March of 2020, SoulFlow™ Embodiment has touched 100s of lives. The brand has certified over 150 facilitators in 7 countries with the collective goal of moving bodies worldwide. 

And we are just getting started!


Being in this work, has jump started my journey back home to myself. I was an athlete in college and become a personal trainer shortly after that (I was VERY immersed in the fitness industry). I even did bikini & bodybuilding competitions! My intentions there were to connect to my body. A noticeable shift occurred within and I became unsatisfied and wanted to change my body the more involved I became.

I was at war with myself.
I knew this wasn't the way.

Incorporating SoulFlow™,  ignited the reconnection I was deeply desiring. It took the stigma out of what movement had become
to look like for me. Nourishment on all levels.
This is it! The waves and ripples…

 Working with Andee in this way has been most nourishing.  As a researcher, I also know the scientific experience that occurs in spaces like this. I've now incorporated this into my work with clients and my creation of Soul2Soma.

I’ve had this idea of success being a business that pays the bills so I can be my own boss. And of course I want that, but THIS (the impact of serving other through embodiment) makes me feeel so so successful.


Andee teaches you how to be an embodied leader and create profound healing experiences. She gives you all the tools that she has, like literally a TON of tools, so you can show up in your flow and magic giving your medicine to the world.

Which is why we became healers, coaches, mentors, leaders in the first place, right?
To share our light with the world. 

Working with Andee has shifted the way I prepare and show up for my work. I feel way more in my power now. 

Founder of SoulFlow™.



Embodiment Master.

Retreat Curator.

Business Mentor.

Somatic Practitioner. 

Creative Designer.

Twin Mama.

Loving Friend.

Caring Sister.

Andee is leading innovators, creatives, & multi figure business owners to listen to the language that their bodies speak.

Paving the way for women everywhere to get still, tune into their body wisdom, and develop the ɘvolution of their brand.

She holds a Master’s of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and has over 22 years of experience in the industry of Embodiment and Somatics. Andee has brought into her work a heavy focus of her continued studies on transpersonal counseling psychology, somatic therapies, music theory, and
creative imagination.

In person events are her most favorite thing and after her 60th immersive event experience, she knows like she knows being together is truly what makes waves. 


Since immersing myself in Andee Love's somatic experiences and mentorship in 2020, I have come home to myself and moved through dissociative reactions and subconscious programming running the show, to a more cohesive mind / body presence in the moment. I am more grounded in by body and energetics than ever before. 

These experiences have allowed me to become aware of stories subconsciously creating my identity and brought curiousity to how they affect the ways I consciously show up in the world. The way she leads with relatable, personal story sharing and scientific methods, has provided me an in depth understanding of ways to support my evolution. From decoding sensations my body speaks to ways I may resource myself in a heightened or hypo aroused state, I have been able to create new narratives that are aligned with my authentic truth. This is the way of the New Paradigm and I am deeply grateful for her work in this world. 


SoulFlow™ Embodiment has really changed me as a person, coach, facilitator and a guide. It has helped me to become even more embodied. It has taken everything that I thought I wanted to create with movement, embodiment,
events and experiences to helping women
 to the next level.

Working with Andee and her team has really changed everything for me. Being in the space has been healing, powerful, & opening. I feel supported in a way that has set me off on the biggest foot I could have ever hoped for.

I have been in Andee's world for a couple of years now and have watched for afar knowing that this work is what I have been wanting to do. I finally jumped in and said YES and it has been the best decision that I have made.

My favorite experiences have been the immersion experiences with Andee (as I am sure that is it for everyone!). It is here where everything just felt like it fell into place for me. Being immersed in Andee's rooms has felt eye opening to what the transformation has been within me and around me.

I feel so excited to be apart of this community of women. To learn from them and to just be with them in person. I am eternally grateful and feel like this is just the beginning! 





There is something really powerful when a group of humans gather to move. The energy exchange does something to us on a cellular level that begins to create ripples in our lives.

This event is where

embodiment meets strategy.

Where tangibility of the creative process is 

curated by connection & community. 

The experience we will have in this room applies to ALL industries, income goals, and the intention to meet you just where you are. 

All we ask is that you SHOW UP in the full essence of who you are really and why you are here. 

We will let the movement carry us from there.


Doors will open for General Admission on October 10th around 10:00am.

Each day, plan to be together from morning
until 5 - 6 PM. 

If you have ever been on retreat with Andee Love, you know she is already planning to MAXIMIZE her time with you! If you have not yet, get excited!!

There will be a nice midday lunch break on both days to give you time to grab some food and mini breaks built into our schedule! 

Andee will be taking us through a somatic experiencing journey. Along the intuitive way, we will experience breath work, hot seat coaching, community connection, and  SoulFlow™ Embodiment together.

Also, for the first time publicly, Andee will be debuting "Andee Sessions", a signature somatic session that has only be reserved for her high level mastermind. 


Well first, we invite you to celebrate your FULL BODY YES to purchasing a ticket. The magic is already in motion. Allow your body to mark this sensation coursing through you (joy, excitement, eagerness, tingling, whatever it may be!)

Next, keep an eye out for an email drip that will prepare you logistically! 

Come dressed comfortably and in clothing you can MOVE in. 

Stay tuned to Andee's Instagram for BTS until the event!

Come join us September 27th at 2:00pm PST for our pre party zoom call!  Zoom link will be sent out days prior to join!


San Diego is one of the easiest places to visit!! 

The best airport to fly into is

SAN (San Diego International Airport)

Uber and Lyft are plenty around the city.
Car rentals from the airport and city transportation are easily accessible.

Our VENUE will be close to downtown San Diego. There are hotels, airbnbs, and accommodations to suit all needs & budgets. 

You should have no problem navigating to both location! Beside ease and grace and grace and ease are the standard around here!


> 3 day admission to the event OCT 10, 11, & 12
> Signature SoulFlow™ Experience
> SoulFlow™ Embodiment SWAG BAG
> A pre-party Zoom meetup in September to meet and greet the other participants and start our party early!! 
> and a few extra goodies Andee will no doubt include as we get closer!! 

**Please note flights, accommodations, and meals are not included in your ticket purchase. Your purchase is for admission to the event ONLY. 


Buy one ticket, get a second ticket to bring a friend FREE! After your purchase is made, my support team will be in touch to confirm your plus one!!


Please email 


should you have any further questions not listed here. When you purchased your ticket, you were automatically added to the event's email list. As we get closer to the experience, further correspondence will go out via email! 


For those of you who are either an alumni or a SoulFlow™ Master Practitioner, please reach out to Andee directly or support@andeelove.com for your special ticket purchase link!! 


I might be a lil bias,  as many of you reading this page know me as "KK" ... AL Inc's Creative Director & Retreat Curator BUT Ive been in Andee's world much longer than many know! 

I started working with Andee in 2017, first and foremost as a client, a student drawn deeply to the power of embodiment.

Ever since, I jokingly refer that I am one of her "silent success stories"! 5.5 years later, I am creating exactly the work in the world I onced dreamed of doing. I have sat in the seat of all her programs, been at numerous live experiences, co-create with her over 16 luxury retreats & well over 2 dozen online programs. We even developed a product line to support the practice of SoulFlow™ (which is where my career background comes from!). It is an honor to support clients and many others in this way wearing multiple hats for businesses. It has been THIS WORK that has guided me there.

It is also the deepest honor to support Andee in bringing both brands, Andee Love Inc. AND SoulFlow™ Embodiment to life.  

I am an artist, creative, and an idea executor.
Andee has trusted me to be all of this and more.
I could never thank her enough for the encouragement I have received from her friendship AND working relationship to CREATE freedom that I once dreamed of.

Something that words can not describe happens in the room with Andee leading the space. I have a unique perspective given our relationship and am constantly MOVED by watching her take action.  I have experienced it for myself as a client AND as her first hand support. She is a mentor who walks her talk. There is no other place I would rather be than with the community of women who gather in her world and supporting ever ounce of these practices so others can experience liberation in their bones & bodies.

The practice of SoulFlow™ Embodiment has forever changed the way in which I approach the world. The awareness I have co-created in my body, understanding it's language, and the support to follow those nudges are the greatest gift I have received.


This work will literally change your life if you let it. It will transform you as a leader if you let it and crack you wide open to your
own healing if you let it.

When I first came across Andee's work I had no idea what I was getting into but felt a pull forward. I didn't realize until I was in it exactly what I was receiving.

I desired to become a leader that I always knew I was meant to be. Just 3 years ago, in my business, I knew I wanted more. More from the depths of my soul. Working with Andee has given me a permission slip to not do the cookie cutter things we are told to do but MY WAY of doing things. Creating in ways that lit me up and showcased what I stood for.

Being immersed was not only an educational format but a launching pad for everything in my business. Hands down. Because I said YES to this work, I said YES to me as a leader and taking this work seriously. I said YES to myself first and then YES to taking this work externally for the world.

I have since spoken on many stages, created community events and experiences, and been a leading facilitator in the world of SoulFlow™.

My company, LeadHer was born shortly after working with Andee.  In just 2 years, it has become a movement of women entrepreneurs leading their wildest evolution side by side. 


Our Special Guest Facilitators


Breathwork Facilitator | Retreat Host + Mentor

Jordan helps humans from all walks of life step into total liberation & empowerment through the power of their breath. Filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Which is often done by getting out of the mind & into the body.

Together, we will break through limiting beliefs, anxiety, old stories & patterns to help you reconnect to yourself & live a life that leaves
you feeling ALIVE!

We all have a light within us, it’s time to let yours out & RISE to the human you came here to be!

I am excited to be in this room with Andee and connect with you all in person!

To learn more about Jordan & her work you can find her on Instagram:



Powerful Psychic Medium,
Relationship Mentor & Self-Love Coach

Michele has over 30 years of experience working with individuals & couples to deepen their feeling of embodiment and awaken their self-worth. Her mentorship is about a healing journey to show clients they are not actually stuck, but often, they are applying the same set of behaviors & patterns to situations that no longer serves them.

Through developing a deep connection from within she helps them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. You can find Michele leading powerful conversations inside her group spaces, such as Soul Wisdom for Intuitives, Empaths, & Introverts, or leading monthly SoulFlow™ Embodiment Sessions as one of our first certified 
SoulFlow™  Master Practitioners.

To learn more about Michele & her work you can find her on Instagram:




Buy one ticket, get a second ticket to bring a friend FREE!
After your purchase is made, my support team will be in touch to confirm your plus one!!